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Clean water transforms lives in East Africa

For 11 years, the Operakällaren Foundation has supported UNICEF's work and contributed millions of kronor that have been used to give children in East Africa access to water and sanitation. We are grateful for the money that has come in and that has really made a difference. Eleven years is a very long time and Operakällaren Foundation has done a fantastic job for UNICEF over the years. Since 2018, Operakällaren Foundation has chosen to move on to support other types of projects through the organisation WaterAid. We are very happy and proud to be able to support WaterAid's vital work in East Africa to give more people in the country clean water!

The consequences of the water shortage are terrible, and children are the worst affected. Every year, thousands of children in East Africa die from diarrhoeal diseases caused by drinking dirty water.

This ongoing disaster is impossible to ignore. We can and we want to change this! And we do it through WaterAid.


The money from Operakällaren Foundation has previously gone to projects in Ethiopia. In 2023, the money goes to Tanzania. WaterAid has built a dam there and will now draw water from the dam to new areas. This means that both the healthcare facilities and the public can get clean water, access to toilets and better hygiene. The work in Tanzania enables a better life for thousands of people.

Clean water changes everything, we hope you will join us!

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