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We provide clean water in Ethiopia


For 11 years, the Operakällaren Foundation supported UNICEF's work and contributed millions of kronor that have been used to give children in East Africa access to water and sanitation. We are grateful for the money that has come in and that has really done great good. Eleven years is a very long time and the Operakällaren Foundation has done a fantastic job for UNICEF over the years. Since 2018, Operakällaren Foundation has chosen to move on to have an opportunity to support other types of projects via the organization WaterAid. We are very happy and proud to be able to support WaterAid's vital work in Ethiopia so that more people in the country can get clean water!


Ethiopia is one of the countries in the world where most people lack clean water. Of the country's 99 million inhabitants, almost half, over 40 million people, lack access to clean water.


The consequences of the water shortage are absolutely terrible, and the children are worst affected. Every year, about 8,500 children in Ethiopia die from diarrheal diseases they suffer from after drinking dirty water. This corresponds to all children in 550 Swedish kindergarten classes. Every year.


This ongoing disaster is impossible to turn a blind eye to. We can and we want to change this! And we do it through WaterAid.


WaterAid has been operating in Ethiopia since 1991, and is the only international organization in the country that focuses exclusively on water, sanitation and hygiene.


The money from Operakällaren Foundation 2019 went mainly to a new project in the Amhar region, which WaterAid has started. WaterAid drills wells and installs water systems in communities, schools and healthcare, changing and saving thousands of lives.


Read WaterAid's half-year report from the project>


Clean water changes everything, we hope you want to join us!


During the banquet in 2019, we offered world-class entertainment as usual. The evening's music artists were singers Seinabo Sey and Danny Saucedo.


In previous years, the Operakällaren Foundation has been visited by music artists such as Angélique Kidjo, Timbuktu, Miriam Bryant, Sabina Ddumba, Orup, Sarah Dawn Finer, Stephen Simmonds, Jennifer Brown, Carola, Tommy Körberg, Erik Segerstedt and Loreen.

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