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  • Operkällaren Foundation


Operakällaren Foundation supports WaterAid's work in the village of Kwamaizi in the Handeni district of Tanzania. In the area, only 42 % of the population has access to clean water, and only 5 % of households wash their hands after using the toilet. Over 90 % of the healthcare facilities in the area lack safe access to clean water.

WaterAid recently built a dam in the area. It has improved access to water, toilets and hygiene for nearby communities. In the work, a particular focus has been directed towards improving the situation of marginalized groups such as women and girls.

Now WaterAid continues to build so that another village will receive water from the dam. The goal is to reach 6,037 people in the village of Kwamaizi. The new project involves, among other things, extending the water line from the dam to a water tank in the village, and installing public water stations in the village. The work will also give the healthcare facilities in the area access to clean water, proper toilets and the opportunity for patients and staff to wash their hands. The village's residents will also receive training on hygiene practices, and WaterAid's work will help improve future decisions about water and hygiene in the village.

The goal is to collect SEK 3 million so that WaterAid hopefully can start the work in early 2024. Thanks to WaterAid's work, the area's healthcare will improve, and thousands of people will have access to clean water and better hygiene.

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