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Partnering with WaterAid we make sure thousands of people in Tanzania gets clean water

Together with our amazing supporters we are able every year to reach thousands of people in Tanzania with clean water. Since our first fundraiser 16 years ago we have raised over 50 million SEK in support of clean water in East Africa, having a massive impact in some of the poorest communities in the region.

In 2023 we were as usual fundraising in support of WaterAid, a leading global organisation working with clean water, sanitation and hygiene. The funds raised will support WaterAid’s projects in Tanzania.

During the years we have raised millions in support of WaterAid’s work in East Africa. Money that has been raised through our amazing supporters who are as committed as us in making the world a better place.

WaterAid will now use these funds drilling wells, installing water systems and building toilets in some of the poorest communities in Tanzania, changing thousands of lives.


From the bottom of our hearts – a warm thank you to everyone making change possible. Without you, Operakällaren Foundation could not exist. Without you, we could never reach so many people with clean water.


Do you or your company wish to support Operakällaren Foundation and together with us help people get access to clean water?


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